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  • Laini T. McNeal-James

Empathic Badasses: Guardians of the Universe, not fragile little punks.

Being Empathic

(CAUTION: This empath curses. )

As a teacher of psychic development & a professional reader being empathic is the ONLY ability I find that folks use as an excuse for: not having healthy boundaries & continuously choosing abusive relationships. "It's because I'm empathic."

Most of the articles about empaths completely gives into the notion of being an eternal victim, that can't enter crowded places (because of the "energy") & mainly attracts narcissistic relationships. Excuse me, we are Guardians of the Universe, not fragile little punks. Please put some respect on our name (LOL).

Psychically speaking we empaths carry the attributes of modern day mermaids: sensitive , emotionally accessible experiencing most psychic information through our emotions. We are armed with the ability to "feel things" about a person, place or thing to the point the of receiving divine information about it. Yep, we have "designer genes" (Michael Beckwith).

I understand how challenging these times are for us empaths as we fight to maintain emotional balance & find value in who we are organically. Today's society challenges our attributes the hardest psychologically, emotionally & celebrates them the least. Rarely do we hear, "He's so empathic & caring success is guaranteed!" "Oh, that loving & forgiving nature is going to help her break through the glass ceiling." Most of us spend a life-time trying to be LESS: less sensative, less emotional & to care less.

We empaths are the ones that have all those fucks to give. To give a fuck, you have to care. We're the ones that care. We're the ones that give a fuck. That's exactly why we are here. To give a fuck. However, we must take care of this Divine Gift of giving a F*ck by: establishing healthy boundaries, loving ourselves & completely changing our perspective on being empathic. For survival & well-being we must view our empathic ability as a STRENGTH & NOT as a weakness.

We are Guardians of the Earth, Spiritual Badasses & Sacred Carriers of the high vibrational frequencies of : LOVE, COMPASSION, UNDERSTANDING, FORGIVENESS & EMOTIONAL STRENGTH. These frequencies create a protective grid/web that surrounds the Earth's energetic field.Where-ever we go, we make a difference & create a positive effect on the Universe through these themes. We are valuable, precious & needed honey. Just turn on the news, there is a definite shortage in the empathy/compassion department. We're in demand baby!

Our Holy Mission is expressed in our daily interactions with people (not just animals, yea I know where empaths hide). It is demonstrated by how we receive the waitress when she brings us our food. How we receive the man standing behind us in the grocery store. Spirit sends us souls in distress & many times without our knowing. Spirit typically sends us strangers because of the way we've been created to naturally receive other people (with compassion, love.....). Please don't underestimate the effects of this ability. Just by being who we've been designed to be these souls in distress are lifted by our vibration & carry that frequency of upliftment to the next being they interact with. This interaction/connection creates a positive domino effect on other humans. This positive domino effect is the energy that creates the protection grid covering the Earth.

Our Purpose: is to stay in alignment with our themes. As long as we are demonstrating LOVE, COMPASSION, FORGIVENESS & UNDERSTANDING we are in alignment with our purpose. Believe me, that shit ain't easy. Surrendering to your mission & design is important. It will help you take better care of yourself by not attracting (or being attracted to) emotional vampires.

Especially in today's world it is hard not live in FEAR, LACK COMPASSION, HOLD ON TO GRUDGES & JUDGE OTHERS. Witnessing the heavy amount of fear & lack of empathy is a testament to why we are here & why our mission is so important.

*As an aside, during an ayaushaca journey I discovered that purpose is different from work. Although many of us express our purpose through our work. However, you can be anything (singer, exec, manicurist or janitor) & still be in perfect alignment with your purpose. *

The Lesson: for many empaths is loving ourselves as we love others. Believing in yourself as you do others. We simply have to believe we are worthy of God's love & approval. We also have to surrender to the flow of true LOVE: LOVE OF SPIRIT. LOVE OF SELF . LOVE OF OTHERS . In that order. Which means darling empath, we must put ourselves FIRST. You can't give what you don't have. It's impossible to give someone $10 if you don't have $5. Seeking love outside ourselves is how we attract all those in-balanced relationships folks have been writing about.

Themes of Depression, addiction, resentment rule our lives are created with over-use of our gift.

The journey is LOVE-of-SELF. Self-love can make you feel like you need to do something to demonstrate that you love yourself. Love-of-Self opens space to love yourself AS IS. There are no requirements to love because it is our natural state of being (believe or not) .

The healing that takes place is in releasing the struggle to loving & accepting ourselves & letting go of being a people pleaser in hopes of emotional reward (acceptance/love).

The other lesson: for many empaths is to NOT shut down completely emotionally to the point of disconnection from other people. These are the empaths that only feel safe with animals or alone. Traumatic relationships may have caused this disconnection. Isolating oneself from others can make you feel safe, but your deepest desire is to connect with others. You may think that you are protecting yourself from others, but you are truly suppressing the brilliance of your soul. You can feel the internal struggle of not allowing your loving, compassionate & forgiving soul to express itself. Themes of anxiety, isolation, anger, & difficultly with intimacy are created when empaths shut-down.

The healing journey for you is: TRUST. Learning to trust Yourself again & not other people. Forgiving yourself for your choices or no longer blaming yourself for situations in which you had no control.

All this to say we must be responsible for our psychic ability & take good care of ourselves starting with expanding our perspectives on what it means to be empathic. We also may have to start saving some of those fucks to give for ourselves. Lastly, we absolutely MUST seek emotional nutrients from the Source FIRST, feed ourselves & then give to others.

FYI: All of us aren't Light n' Love with fairy wings all the time. No one is. We're not a monolithic group. Some of us are: Whiskey & Weed. Wigs n' Weaves. Guns n' Boots. Lucious n' Luxurious. Loud n' Obnoxious. Nerdy n' Witty . Dark n' Moody. Spiritual Street Soldiers who will give you a huge "Fuck You!" as a radical act of Self-Compassion.


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