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 It was completely normal to have psychic abilities  growing up in two culturally vibrant communities in Southern Cali.
 I am blessed to come from a line of  Spiritual Elders  that began training me at the age of 5 in  astrology & mediumship .
At 14, I trained in  New Orleans with my spiritual mentor in the art of:  candle magic, the use of sacred oils/ herbs & divination.
My first initiation was at the age of 17.  By the time I was 21 years-old I was reading professionally. 
In the late 90's, I moved to New York & became a make-up artist (FUN!)
NYC , expanded my definition of Beauty.  I learned that pretty was a look & Beauty was a feeling, an essence, an Arch Angel! As a makeup artist I connected with  healing power of  creating & invoking this Spirit of Beauty.  As an Empath I wanted to connect others with the Beauty of their own Spirit.

Laini T. McNeal, is a 6th-generation psychic who was born into a family legacy of spiritual abilities on both sides.

A gifted empath & clairvoyant, Certified Spiritual Counselor & Reiki Master, Laini uses her combined 20-years’ experience as a spiritual practitioner & professional makeup artist to help her clients access their inner & outer beauty.

Print: Laini 's work as a professional makeup artist has been featured in the pages of Essence, Trace, and WWD magazine.  She has also worked with clients such as Starbucks, Citigroup, Ford Motors, Citizen Cope, Wyclef Jean, and Grammy-nominated singer, Alice Smith. Her creativity and seamless makeup application have been sought after by top cosmetic lines such as M.A.C, NARS, Aveda, and Becca Foundations.

My Prayer​,  is that we all trust in our divine connection to Spirit. That we view ourselves as medicine women, armed with the ability to heal ourselves  (mind, body & spirit). 
My Intention, is to assist all Spiritual Double Agents, Light Workers, Gods/Goddess on-the-go & all of  Earth's Angels in kicking-ass daily through products & services.
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