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MARCH VIBES: 2 Full Moons, 1 New Moon & 1 Mercury Retrograde.

full moon in virgo (3.1-2.18)

Analyze. Organize . Strategize . Great time for Self-Care & Health Maintenance.

This lunar combo may not be the most comfortable. Expect to be a bit moody. The scrutinizing energy of Virgo is going to comb through your objectives showing you what new ideas need to be put into action & which ones are truly ridiculous. Allow this analytical vibration to show you your main bullet points without over-worrying or overthinking. When the New Moon arrives you will have the opportunity to transform mindless dreaming into focused creative visualization. Attracting what you truly desire.

new moon in pisces (3.17.18)

Believe . Dream . Create . Magical Moon For Manifesting. Coming after meticulous Virgo we are allowed to dream a new dream without worry of disillusionment. Take advantage of your ability to envision a new world as your clairvoyance is strong & your goals are clear. You can trust that all of the ideas, flashes of inspiration & desires are coming from the Divine Source. Create the blue-print for your new world. This is the time for using creative visualization to turn dreams into plans. Just plans darling. The retrograde hanging around the corner will send us back to the drawing board for review & reflection.

mercury retrograde in aries (3.22.18)

Re-affirm . Review . Relax . Be patient as you take a second look at plans.

Let's not trip. Think of this energy as being no different then Michael Jackson's famous "Moonwalk". Still moving, still fabulous, just back-wards. This is the space for RE-mastering & RE-affirming your goals. Getting your plans concise enough to manifest them is the purpose of this retrograde. Aries has no time for a bunch of blahblahblah & wants you to be clear about your objectives. If you must move forward, RE-mix an old projected you started, but didn't complete.


Partnerships. Balance . Decision . Adjustments in partnerships will be illuminated. This Blue Moon gives us an opportunity to balance our partnerships. Leave it to Libra to have to make the final decisions. Please trust that you have enough diplomacy & information to make the right choices. You will find the balance between your needs & the needs of others (or are they wants?). This full moon will reveal any imbalances in relationships & in how you are relating to yourself.


March signifies the ending of one 12-month cycle (Pisces) & the beginning of a new 12-month cycle (Aries). With 2 full moons & 2 retrogrades (Jupiter is also in retro) we will have plenty of time to process everything that just happened. If you can hold off with launches or debuts until Taurus Season (Mid April - May ), you will thank me later. The Energetic Influences of this month need time to do what they came to do.

Virgo, came to de-clutter & help us let go of anything frivolous, giving the New Moon in Pisces the freedom to encourage us to DREAM BIGGER & create from our sacred visions. Aries, came to decide what ways of the past align with the new beginnings already set in motion & to make sure our plans are concise. At the end of the month Spirit gives us cool ass Libra to balance all of the information (& energy) over the last 30 days to help us make long-term plans & partnerships that are sustainable . You got this boo!

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