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  • Laini T. McNeal-James

APRIL VIBES: Preparing a new harvest.

NEW MOON (ARIES) 4. 16 . 18

New Beginnings . Action . Vitality: Great time to launch or start new projects

The recent mercury retrograde gave us the necessary 30-day reflective period to ready ourselves for this dynamic New Moon. You finally feel that you have the clarity, energy & confidence to launch new projects, goals or anything you feel passionate about. If you have felt delayed, unclear, uninspired or just down right tired ----- you have new sense of direction, self & stamina. You won't feel like holding yourself back, waiting your turn or bitting your tongue . The time is now. Plant new seeds boldly. Move forward into new territories. Launch your new business with confidence. Showcase what you came here to do . Let people know that you are in the building.


Stability . Cultivation . Application : For the next 30 days prepare & nurture long-term goals

The New Moon gave us the energy to plant new seeds. Now methodical Taurus is here to assist us in the cultivation of our new ideas. This is the mature space of pure REALITY where we examine our grown-up material needs (food, shelter, $$$$$$$) & do the detailed work to assure that our new plans are financially sustainable. Taurus doesn't mind taking the time to nurture & perfect newly planted seeds to assure a bountiful harvest. This is not a time to slow down, but a time to focus in on your priorities & apply practical solutions to create a lifestyle you can enjoy.

Soon the energy of Scorpio will want you to make sure the emotional roots of your plans are aligned with your emotional happiness & deepest desires.


Tantric Unions . Emotional Intensity . Mediumship: Balancing emotional needs with material wants. There is no where to hide during this Scorpionic Full Moon. Anything not in alignment with your deepest desires & personal truth will fight to be illuminated. This cycle dives deeply into our emotional & spiritual roots to kill off all that stands in the way of your new growth. If you've been honest with yourself & took full responsibility for your genius & your crazy you will feel like the Phoenix rising from its ashes. If you have avoided examining the hidden emotions driving your motives, be prepared to have your wig snatched off. This lunar combo is dripping with sensuality & awakens tantric desires for spiritual & sexual exploration. This is a great time to express your sexual fantasies. Getting laid won't be enough. You will want to experience something that transcends the physical body.

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